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Welcome to Duapa Trust Site

Duapa Trust is Limited by Guarantee Company established in July 2009 and duly registered under the laws of Ghana in March 2010 to raise funds to support economically poor entrepreneurs and SMEs through credit provision and basic business training.

Our Mision: Is to inspire, motivate and economically empower the ordinary entrepreneur by providing credible financial solutions to create value for our clients and other stakeholders.


Our Vision: Is to become a national institution that is dedicated to supporting the worthy course of the economically disadvantaged entrepreneur to improve upon their livelihood.

Our Guiding Principles


1.    Commitment to excellence We shall provide the best quality in our work and relationships. Our goal is to exceed the norm!


2.    Believing in people - People are our most valuable assets. We respect the dignity of our own team members, our organizational partners and the people we serve, and we value their contributions. We shall invest in training and education to give our team members the tools required to make Duapa Trust a world-class organization with national outlook


3.    Integrity and openness Duapa Trust values trust, sincerity, honesty and professionalism. We encourage our team members to express ideas, opinions and thoughts in an honest, courageous and transparent manner


4.    Dedication to Good Citizenship Duapa Trust is sensitive to our citizenship responsibilities to the communities in which we live and work. We shall actively participate in and support our local communities.


5.    We are a learning organization - We humbly and intentionally seek to increase our knowledge, and we learn and take counsel from others.


6.    Results oriented Duapa Trust strives for results and success. We drive issues to closure, persist despite obstacles and opposition, and maintain a high level of enthusiasm. Our people are important to us, and we commit the time and effort needed to understand and achieve beneficial results together.


7.    We innovate - The future of Duapa Trust is assured by staying true to our mission, as long as we welcome and reward innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. We recognize "trial and error" as being elements of innovation and continuous improvement.